I believe in Layers of Life. Our heart is soil and soil is the home of our spiritual growth. Its not an A to B, but a Depth to Be. Join me as I explore the depths of spiritual formation through what I call "The Layers of Life."

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Till: Confession

Nothing hardens a soil's surface like secrets.

Hiddenness never accomplishes what we think it will. We become convinced our sin and mistakes will disqualify us.

BUT, sin and mistakes is actually the exact requirement for fellowship and forgiveness.

Without sin and mistakes we would be correct in creating a hierarchy in God's kingdom.

But, in God's house, having all sinned, we find fellowship in imperfections being perfected.

In addition, what forgiveness can be received as long as we are trying to be so convincing that sin has no place near us?

It is in the admission we admit Jesus into our hearts and each other into community.