I believe in Layers of Life. Our heart is soil and soil is the home of our spiritual growth. Its not an A to B, but a Depth to Be. Join me as I explore the depths of spiritual formation through what I call "The Layers of Life."

Friday, February 1, 2013

Flourish: Disciple Someone

In layer one you need a Christian friend to till your soil with you.

In layer two you need to be discipled by someone to enrich your soil.

In layer three you need to disciple someone else to see your life flourish from the health of your soil. You sow into someone else what is being harvested from you.

What we put in has to come back out. If we were to continually till and enrich but never flourish, our soil would become toxic.

Who are you sowing into?

I know that I feel I'm the best version of myself when I'm able to bless and invest in someone else in an intentional way.

I believe this is what fruit tastes like. But we don't taste fruit never harvested.